“Even though I know there’s hope in every morning song”

Women seem drawn to a certain caliber of man or what society dictates is a certain caliber of man. Men are probably compelled by the same pressure in landing a mate, but my heart didn’t break over one of them not loving me.


Chapter from Kids’ Book

This is chapter three of a children’s book I wrote. I’ll set it up briefly. Two best friends, Cindy and Jen, start third grade at a new school and get split up into different classes. The story is narrated by Cindy, who gets the teacher both girls didn’t want, because she’s supposedly mean.

Jen’s room has a friendly sound coming out of it. She disappears inside, after we say goodbye, and I hear someone call her name. I have to walk down a long hall to where the door of my room is cracked open. I can’t see inside, but I just know it will be full of no one I know, and a mean teacher who will tell me I’m late even though I’m early by ten minutes.

I walk in with my head down and sit in the back. I get mad about my letter that kept Jen and me in a different class, and I scowl at my desktop. When I do look up, two girls next to me are staring and laughing. I don’t know them. Who are they laughing at me? They are probably best friends like Jen and me, but they got letters to be in the same class. I miss Jen already and school hasn’t even started.
Then a nice lady, at the front of the room, smiles and welcomes us all to the third grade. I wonder when this nice lady is going to leave and send in mean Mrs. Norberg.

I am sure surprised when that nice lady says her name is Mrs. Norberg! She wants to learn our names as soon as she can. She tells us to say our name and something about ourselves. She starts at the front. A lot of kids say stuff they like, like pizza, jumping rope, and baseball. When it gets to me, I say, “My name is Cyndi. My best friend is Jen in a different class.”

The two girls giggle again. When I look over, one of them gives me a nice wave. I wave back and smile. I listen close for when those two say their names and what they like. The one with dark hair like me is Ashley. The one with brown hair is Lindsey. They both like jumping rope.

After we all say our names and what we like, Mrs. Norberg shows us a shelf in the corner that is filled with books. She says that unless she is right in the middle of a lesson, we can get up and choose a book anytime. She says that reading for fun is one of the most important things to do at school.

Third grade isn’t going to be too bad. I can’t wait to see Jen at lunch and tell her all about it.