Adam and Eve and Ng’ta

An excerpt from Chapter Seven, “Two Creation Stories,” from Little Book of Thou

In the Adam and Eve story, God created Adam and then Eve after deciding Adam needed a companion. He created them in His likeness and put them in charge of the animals. Snake tempted them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, which God had decreed they shouldn’t. This act cast them out of the garden of paradise and into the world of pairs of opposites: good and evil, happiness and sorrow, life and death.

One interpretation is that Adam and Eve were disobedient and punished. Another interpretation is that they chose. Life begins with Adam and Eve eating from the apple of the Tree of Knowledge. Eating from the Tree of Knowledge introduced death into the world but at the same time life, because without death there wouldn’t be life as we know it. Remember in chapter six, the adventurers each entered the forest where it was darkest and there was no way or path? Adam and Eve might have wanted to live by venturing where there was no way or path. They chose to leave an existence of bliss to experience a journey through a life of pairs of opposites, good and evil, pain and pleasure, and then return and be welcomed back by God in heaven. Perhaps with a heightened appreciation for bliss?

A similar origin story comes from the Blackfoot, a tribe of Native Americans who lived in the area that later became the state of Montana. Ng’ta, which translates to “Old Man,” creates the world and then a woman. The woman asked what would happen to people, “would they live forever or would they die and that would be the end of them?” Old Man hadn’t thought of that, so he decided to throw a buffalo chip (buffalo poop) in a lake. “If it sinks people will die, if it floats they will live forever.” The buffalo chip floated. “There you go,” Old Man said. “No. Let’s use a stone, instead.” The woman threw in a stone which sunk meaning people would die. Old Man said, “Very well. You have chosen.”

So in both stories, a woman chose a world of life and death. Here the woman rejects the first option of people living forever after the buffalo chip floats and wants to use a stone. In the Adam and Eve story, Eve first eats the apple and convinces Adam to also eat. Why is it a woman?

Remember we talked about woman being symbolized by the moon, which disappears and returns? The goddess Nut who gives birth to the sun in the east and swallows it in the west? Woman is the symbol of the cycle of life, death and rebirth, just as plants die and rot and then new plants grow out of the rot the next year. So it is woman in the myths who brings us again into the world of life and death, as it is literally from woman that we come into the world. Remember, too, we talked about the Virgin Mother, who symbolically gives birth to the spirituality of mankind.


Hibernation: Release Day

Today is the official release day because the four kids I wrote Hibernation for should be getting their copies, today. I wrote it as their Christmas present for 2013. It was meant to be a thriller for my three nieces and nephew who were approaching the age when Hunger Games was soon to appear on recommended reading lists, at least for the older two. Nothing against that book, at all. As the uncle of kids I’d held when they were babies, I just wanted to ease them into the age of thrillers with something less, well, violent. I consider Hibernation a bridge between Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great and Hunger Games.

I was happy enough with it that I reworked it and prepared it for publication.

I always read the children’s books I’ve been giving my nieces and nephew for birthdays and Christmas. (I have a reputation for always giving books as presents.) And I’ve enjoyed them too much to present Hibernation as a book intended only for young readers. So for adults with kids or for adults who want to spend an afternoon reading like a kid, here’s how to get your copy of Hibernation.

The Ebook is 2.99 at Amazon and Smashwords. If you don’t have an Ereader, there is a free kindle app.

The paperback is seven dollars at Amazon.

I’m selling copies for five dollars, signed with my thanks for your interest. I can also mail a signed copy for eight dollars to cover postage. Send me a message if you’d like one. I have twelve copies left but I would be glad to order more.

I’ll post snippets in future blogs and on facebook. So feel free to keep Hibernation in mind as a future read. Contact me anytime for a signed copy. Meet Lisa here:

Back Cover description of Hibernation is here:

With families bedded down for the season behind the bolted doors of their season rooms, their valuables are vulnerable to the looters, getting worse every year. Mr. Walters, with his stay-awake juice, patrols to keep the neighborhood safe. This year he gets some help when twelve-year-old Lisa wakes up early and wakes up her dad, Tom.

Tom joins Mr. Walters and finds an up-early dog to keep Lisa company and keep her safe. Only Lisa and her dog, Shaggy, do some patrolling of their own and are soon on the trail of the dangerous looter Mr. Walters has been after for years. Lisa is told to stay away from him, but Shaggy has a different idea. Lisa can’t leave Shaggy to be a crime dog all on his own, can she?

Start with the free Amazon sample, here:

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Meet Lisa! The 12yo heroine from Hibernation

The book opens with Lisa in a season-induced sleep coma, so readers won’t get to meet her in the Amazon sample of the book. She wakes up in chapter 2 with the rest of her family still in their slumber and wakes up her dad. Most of the book is from her point of view, though. Mr. Walters is a neighbor who drinks stay-awake juice and patrols the neighborhood during seasons to frighten off looters. He heard Lisa and her dad awake and was invited in for lunch.

From chapter 3:

Lisa looked up at her dad over her pile of spaghetti. He nodded for her to go ahead and eat. She devoured the food, after nothing but season crackers, for days. As she finished up, she began staring out the window. The thick blanket of white stretched all the way up the hill in her backyard to the trees. She wondered what happened to the grass when the snow got so deep. Maybe grass hibernated, too? She hoped there wasn’t any grass that woke up early and felt scared and alone under the dark of all that snow.

“I think this one wants to go frolicking in all that snow,” Mr. Walters said.

Lisa looked up to find both of them looking at her and smiling. “Can I, Daddy?”

“Put on two pairs of sweatpants and two jackets.”

Lisa jumped out of her chair and ran into her room.

Her room looked just like she left it, which gave her a funny feeling at the end of every season, but especially this one after waking up early. She had pointed all her stuffed animals toward the door and there they all were, sitting on shelves and on her bed and nestled in chairs, greeting her back. “I woke up early, this season,” she felt like telling them, but stuffed animals don’t talk. She felt too odd, back early in her undisturbed room, while her brothers and mother still slept, for pretend.

She put on black sweatpants and a bigger pair of light green ones over them. Plus a sweater. From the hall closet by the front door she got out both her jackets and put the one that looked smaller on first, and then the bigger one. She felt like a lumberjack!

Hibernation is available now at Amazon. 2.99 for the Ebook, 7.00 for the paperback. Check out the link below for the Amazon free sample and for ordering details. Thanks!

Goergey, rated R

(I found this in a drawer of old stuff. I wish I had any memory of writing it or knew how old I was when I wrote it. I’m posting it exactly as I found it.)

written by Greg Metcalf

“knock knock knock,” I’m coming, I’m coming whose there.” Why hello sheriff, come on in. “No thank you Mrs. Forga I just came to say theres a wierdo escaped from the institution he’s said to be dangerous” “Oh nonsense” “Oh it’s true Mrs. Forga you be on your guard” “O.K. sheriff I will bye!” Gredle could you get the mail” “O.K. mommy.” “Thanks” Gredle comes back. Mommy “i saw a man out there with a batman mask on.” “Oh” did you get the mail yes here. Sifting

(Apparently that’s where it ended, which is tragic)

By the way, my novel, Flowers on Concrete, is available for purchase at amazon and other Ebook retailers. I can at the very least promise that my writing has improved since this was written. Although this is pretty stinking cute, so it has that going for it.