Choosing Is Right

So often in life we’re faced with choices and they’re hard, so we frame them as which option is right? We put all that stress over a choice into what we decided. Were we wrong or right? This is kind of nonsense. Because we base whether we chose right or wrong on how things turned out. Which is information we didn’t have when we made the choice or we wouldn’t really be faced with a choice at all. This is what I tried to remind my mother of as she faced the choice her doctor gave her of trying a new treatment for her cancer that has a low success rate and a significant risk of side effects or if she would rather stop treatment and let the cancer run its course without risk of that drug’s side effects. She wanted to collect opinions but promised she would make her own decision. I just reminded her that she was making her decision without foresight and to try to feel secure with the decision she made whatever the result. She seemed already there, so I offered my opinion that I was leaning toward her trying the treatment. She seemed to be leaning that way too. She received her first treatment today. My mom’s faith is a source of comfort so prayers, if you pray, would be appreciated, thoughts work too. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re reading this that’s already a show of support. We’re all incredibly proud of her, but would have been whichever way she chose. Her bravery was in making that choice.


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