Scan Day

Scan Day is a big deal for a whole community of people who are living with cancerous tumors being treated and observed. Surgical cures for cancer seem to be in favor and they certainly can be miraculous, but the optimal treatment is what doctors recommend. When surgery isn’t an option, treatment with various medicines, many that will attack the cancer cells only and leave healthy tissue unharmed, and getting scans every few months to see if the tumors have gotten bigger or smaller or have gone away becomes the best option.

The miracle of modern medicine, not only have they developed cures for countless illnesses and vaccines for terrors like Polio, they can also closely monitor the progression of illnesses they can’t cure. This leaves people with a choice: to view this as a potential torment or to embrace knowing the course their illness is on and to allow this information to enhance the experience of being alive. A lot of healthy people would ponder, briefly, this situation and decide it best not to know. That’s fine, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot because the information is such a giant perspective changer. This is what Scan Day is about, it’s about people choosing courageously to let this marking of the progression of their illnesses, with hope, with acceptance, with joy and sorrow, all blended, enrich their lives. Not easy to do but one common trick is to plan something fun for after and, no matter the results, follow through. Scan Day for my mom is today, and afterward, she and her husband and I have plans for a nice dinner.


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