Little Book of Thou, Table of Contents

I’m so used to writing fiction I almost forgot to include a table of contents in Little Book of Thou. Little Book of Thou is a short book I’ve been working on as a Christmas gift for my sisters’ kids. Reflections on ancient myth and the writings of Joseph Campbell. I posted a couple of snippets, already, and I’ll post more soon, under the tab “Joseph Campbell.” Any requests? Pick a chapter and I’ll put together an excerpt from it. It’s finished. I’m just doing one last pass.

Little Book of Thou

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Ancient World

Chapter One: Mimicry

Chapter Two: Myths

Chapter Three: Caves

Chapter Four: Gaia – The Earth Goddess

Chapter Five: The Gender of Gods

Chapter Six: Social Order and Individuality

Chapter Seven: Two Creation Stories

Chapter Eight: Transcending Duality with a Cat and Dog

Chapter Nine: The Serpent

Chapter Ten: God

Chapter Eleven: Jesus Christ and the Hero Journey

Chapter Twelve: Trickster Gods


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