200th Blog!

Milestones are nice. They’re opportunities to reflect. I don’t think of reaching 200 blog posts as an accomplishment just because I’m not really aiming for a number. I just enjoy putting these posts together on a variety of subjects and I’m always grateful when people stop by and read them. As I did with my 100th, I’m going to link in some that just strike me as particularly memorable, in order from shortest to longest. If you have the time to read one or two or feel like reading all five, I hope you enjoy them and thank you!

1. Selflessness, two sentence fiction:


2. Hearts Connected by String, with help from a friend’s son:


3. This bit got cut from the book I made of my grandfather’s WWII letters home to my grandmother, Happy Valentine’s Day from the cutting room floor of Letters Home:


4. Slightly frightening that as exceedingly rare as it is for any of these older posts to get views, this one has more than once come up in google searches and apparently been looked at: My Cooking Cats Dream:


5. I’m working on a follow up to my Cop Stress post, so that should show up somewhere in my next hundred posts: Cop Stress:


Thanks for helping me celebrate by reading. I enjoy writing them because I imagine connecting with readers. If you read all five and are feeling motivated you’re always welcome to pick through the archives. I always see when they get views and it’s always a rewarding feeling. Thank you!


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