Comes A Soldier’s Whisper: Reviewed

Comes A Soldier’s Whisper is comprised primarily of the letters David Clinton Tharp wrote home to Betty Lou, his future wife and the future mother of the children they would share together. He served as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division during WWII. On D-Day, he was in the first wave of soldiers parachuting into Normandy, France.

His letters to Betty Lou are filled with valor in this way. Over and over, the stress of war seeps in, but he resists adding to her worry about him while he’s away. For instance, he mentions soldiers coming home without limbs, in a letter from November 8, 1944, and divulges his worry that were this to happen to him, she might marry him because she felt sorry for him, which he wouldn’t want. “Well, but enough of that.” He finishes abruptly and goes on to assure her he will return home. In another letter sent December of 1944, he writes: “I’ve changed some, not in my features, but inside. Well, so much for that, darling.”

The letters included many sweet moments that let you in to how vital this connection was for them both. As well as some funny moments, as in the joke he tried to tell her in a letter from June 22, 1945. But the recurring theme was the struggle they both endured: to find solace in an imagined future while separated by war. The author of Comes A Soldier’s Whisper, Jenny La Sala, David’s daughter, has created a wonderful tribute to her father with this book and has given readers who enjoy personal accounts a fascinating glimpse into history. Her work sharing soldiers’ stories, past and present, at her facebook page is, along with this book, part of her father’s legacy. Please check both out in the links below:

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