Haiti Earthquake Survivor Update

I suppose I could call it a happy accident that I caught Good Morning America on in the break room while at work, sometime soon after the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010. Matt Lauer was interviewing an American woman, Christa Brelsford, who had survived but lost her leg after having it trapped when the building she was in collapsed. She described how she was freed and told her brother to wrap her leg with a tourniquet. And as she’s telling her story, she’s intermittently smiling at the camera in such a captivating way. He asked her what she thought when she realized she would lose her leg, and she answered that she never expected to keep it, based on the damage. Then she said, “I’m so thankful to be alive that I’m not worried about my foot.”

Written dialogue doesn’t do it justice. The interview is the later portion in this clip, somewhere around 5:40 is when she says it.


That’s the only time I saw her appear on any talk show, but that stuck with me enough that more than once I’ve made a note to look her up and see how she’s doing, which I did the other day. I found that she’d recently won a rock climbing competition in the Women Amputee Leg category. She’s also a scientist, now. Quite an inspiration.

Her follow up story is here:



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