Meet Lisa! The 12yo heroine from Hibernation

The book opens with Lisa in a season-induced sleep coma, so readers won’t get to meet her in the Amazon sample of the book. She wakes up in chapter 2 with the rest of her family still in their slumber and wakes up her dad. Most of the book is from her point of view, though. Mr. Walters is a neighbor who drinks stay-awake juice and patrols the neighborhood during seasons to frighten off looters. He heard Lisa and her dad awake and was invited in for lunch.

From chapter 3:

Lisa looked up at her dad over her pile of spaghetti. He nodded for her to go ahead and eat. She devoured the food, after nothing but season crackers, for days. As she finished up, she began staring out the window. The thick blanket of white stretched all the way up the hill in her backyard to the trees. She wondered what happened to the grass when the snow got so deep. Maybe grass hibernated, too? She hoped there wasn’t any grass that woke up early and felt scared and alone under the dark of all that snow.

“I think this one wants to go frolicking in all that snow,” Mr. Walters said.

Lisa looked up to find both of them looking at her and smiling. “Can I, Daddy?”

“Put on two pairs of sweatpants and two jackets.”

Lisa jumped out of her chair and ran into her room.

Her room looked just like she left it, which gave her a funny feeling at the end of every season, but especially this one after waking up early. She had pointed all her stuffed animals toward the door and there they all were, sitting on shelves and on her bed and nestled in chairs, greeting her back. “I woke up early, this season,” she felt like telling them, but stuffed animals don’t talk. She felt too odd, back early in her undisturbed room, while her brothers and mother still slept, for pretend.

She put on black sweatpants and a bigger pair of light green ones over them. Plus a sweater. From the hall closet by the front door she got out both her jackets and put the one that looked smaller on first, and then the bigger one. She felt like a lumberjack!

Hibernation is available now at Amazon. 2.99 for the Ebook, 7.00 for the paperback. Check out the link below for the Amazon free sample and for ordering details. Thanks!


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