Please vote for a back cover

Please read each and vote for your first, second, and third choice. That’s been a huge help in the past with my other back covers. Comments also welcome.

Hibernation is a short YA thriller I’m getting ready to self-publish.

Back Covers, Hibernation


Lisa goes down early for the season. The family doctor convinces her parents not to worry, but Lisa wakes up while the rest of the family is deep in their slumber. Tom wakes up to his daughter shaking him. A pile of wrappers is all that remains of the season crackers, and Lisa is hungry. Tom struggles out of bed and unbolts the season door, but the two of them get to the kitchen and discover they’re not awake alone.

Mr. Walters, from next door, mistook them for looters. Mr. Walters stays awake keeping the neighborhood safe, and he recruits Tom to keep looters away. A furry friend Tom finds for Lisa eases Tom’s worry about leaving Lisa alone, but when her crime dog catches a looter’s trail, Lisa goes on a mission to help.


With families bedded down for the season behind the bolted doors of their season rooms, their valuables are vulnerable to the looters, getting worse every year. Mr. Walters, with his stay-awake juice, patrols to keep the neighborhood safe. This year he gets some help when twelve-year-old Lisa wakes up early and wakes up her dad, Tom.

Tom joins Mr. Walters and finds an up-early dog to keep Lisa company and keep her safe. Only Lisa and her dog, Shaggy, do some patrolling of their own and are soon on the trail of the dangerous looter Mr. Walters has been after for years. Lisa is told to stay away from him, but Shaggy has a different idea. Lisa can’t leave Shaggy to be a crime dog all on his own, can she?


Lisa wakes up halfway through the season. After devouring the season crackers, she is still hungry, but her mom and dad and brothers remain deep in their season slumber. She rouses her dad enough for him to realize how scared she is—not to mention lonely! Tom unbolts the season room door and leads Lisa into the kitchen. They’re about to make spaghetti when a knock sounds at the door. Who could be up in the middle of the season?

Tom fears looters, getting more rash every year about stealing from homes while families are locked away in their season rooms. Instead they find Mr. Walters from next door. He spends seasons awake patrolling the neighborhood. He could use Tom’s help. Tom finds a dog to keep Lisa safe while he’s gone, but Shaggy turns out to be not only a good protector but also a crime dog. Lisa and Shaggy end up on the trail of the looter Mr. Walters has been after for years.


Feel free to send me back to the drawing board by voting D. Please include an impression that led you to vote that way, so I maybe get an idea where to go with a fourth try.

Thank you for voting!


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