Happy Valentine’s Day from the Cutting Room Floor of Letters Home

If you’re reading along at home, you might notice there is no mention of Valentine’s Day for the February 14, 1945 entry. Well, here’s what didn’t make the book from the next day. I like to think I didn’t do any selective editing to frame my grandpa a certain way, but here I guess I was covering his tracks a bit. (Not really, just condensing the story)

I’m so sorry, honey, but I have been an awful fiance. So much has been happening to me that I seem to have completely forgotten about everything else. I completely forgot Valentine’s Day. I remember having seen some displays about a month ago and figured that I had plenty of time but it slipped up without my thinking about it again until I received your two very tasty Valentines today. The small one is almost gone already. It is very good candy. Thanks a lot, honey, and please forgive me.

My guess would be that this from the previous day’s letter, which did make the book, kept her from being too disappointed.

I, too, am glad that I found that medal. I can’t have faith in a thing without a reason. I have more faith than I realized. I just seem to be finding it out – probably because I need it now – but my faith is different. Since you want me to write what I think I may someday try to write how I feel. I guess I got a bit off the subject but forgive me please. I do keep that medal with me at all times and always will. I have faith in it because you have. You believe in it and I believe in you.

You can’t beat that whether you know it’s Valentine’s Day or not. If you’re following along with these posts and haven’t received your copy, yet, please contact me and I will get one either mailed or handed to you. I have copies sitting around my house I’d much rather have in interested readers’ hands.

Here’s the link to the description and free sample at Amazon:


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