Writing Insecurity

Some days I worry about becoming one of those writers who continues writing out of habit long past the point of producing work of value. Other days I worry I already am.


2 thoughts on “Writing Insecurity

    • Oh, for sure! I enjoy it too much to ever give up. I actually wasn’t feeling discouraged when I came up with this. I was just thinking about a writer I read about who had a career of getting stories accepted by journal, pretty regularly, which is an achievement, but he developed dementia and continued to write and submit stories that, so I read, were kind of a messy jumble. He probably felt like he was producing the same quality of work and he was probably enjoying the process, as much as he did when his mind was functioning better. I think of that story, every so often. Thank you for the encouragement, though! I appreciate it and, truthfully, can always use it.

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