Bulk Popcorn

My mom buys popcorn seeds in bulk, so I basically never have to buy popcorn seeds. I just fill up off hers. I’ve never asked her how much it costs at bulk prices, much less offered to chip in for my share. I stopped by to fill up after she got a new bag. I forgot my canister, so she gave me the old bag with a little left and I started adding to it from the new bag. First I complained that I was getting stuck with old and new popcorn mixed together, “just acting the fool, of course,” to borrow an expression my grandpa used in a letter. Then as I was dumping in a seventh or eighth cup full, showing no signs of slowing down, I said, “How much could I take before you got mad at me?” My mom looked at me and said, “Greg, you could take all of it and I wouldn’t get mad at you.”

I’m learning there are seemingly throw away moments in life that for some reason just stick. You connect them with what’s best about your relationship with another person. One person brings them up and the other maybe vaguely remembers but it gets brought up enough that it crystallizes into this poignant shared moment. I feel like that might have been one of those.


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