Dear Oliver Sacks, what happened to me?

A distinct piece of classical music seemed to conjure an image, not a hallucination but a mental image, of me reading an ancient text in an ancient time. If I were prone to believing in experiencing moments from past lives, this experience certainly felt potent enough that I would have been convinced that was what this was. Instead I was just curious and felt as if I could have explored this image further, like recalling an entire dream story from a fragment, and I would have except a feeling accompanied the imagery. I couldn’t possibly describe this feeling, it wasn’t painful but it was extremely uncomfortable, a pale description would be to say it was like the feeling of needing to throw up but localized in my mind, not my head or brain but my mind. I lay down, trying not to let the image remain and the feeling passed in less than a minute. Perhaps the feeling would have passed anyway, but I felt as if the image and feeling were connected, and interested as I would have been in exploring the image alone, the feeling was too awful. Even a day later I am hesitant to reflect too much on this experience for fear of it repeating. Does that sound like something others have experienced?


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