Goergey, rated R

(I found this in a drawer of old stuff. I wish I had any memory of writing it or knew how old I was when I wrote it. I’m posting it exactly as I found it.)

written by Greg Metcalf

“knock knock knock,” I’m coming, I’m coming whose there.” Why hello sheriff, come on in. “No thank you Mrs. Forga I just came to say theres a wierdo escaped from the institution he’s said to be dangerous” “Oh nonsense” “Oh it’s true Mrs. Forga you be on your guard” “O.K. sheriff I will bye!” Gredle could you get the mail” “O.K. mommy.” “Thanks” Gredle comes back. Mommy “i saw a man out there with a batman mask on.” “Oh” did you get the mail yes here. Sifting

(Apparently that’s where it ended, which is tragic)

By the way, my novel, Flowers on Concrete, is available for purchase at amazon and other Ebook retailers. I can at the very least promise that my writing has improved since this was written. Although this is pretty stinking cute, so it has that going for it.


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