Easter Story!

If you’ve had more than four real life conversations with me, you’ve probably already heard me tell this story. Runs in my mind I was seven, maybe eight, but close to sure there was no Easter bunny. But I needed proof! So one year I took a plastic egg and hid it behind a book in the bookshelf in our family room. I told no one. Then I thought, If there really is an Easter bunny that egg will be filled with candy on Easter morning. I checked. It wasn’t. I say I kind of already knew there wasn’t an Easter bunny, which is how I remember it now, but that memory of opening that egg to see if there was candy inside remains to vivid, I must have still held out hope. I hoped this would be a cute story for Easter. I know it’s kind of a day ruiner if you only just now found out there’s no Easter bunny, but I doubt that’s the case with anyone reading. Plus, what the hell do I know? Maybe there is an Easter bunny. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.


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