2014 Resolutions

I was mildly deflated by posters, last year, who preached against setting resolutions. I didn’t realize that was something some people were so against. It’s the internet, so people argue about anything, and I don’t mean to do the same thing in reverse. If setting resolutions doesn’t make sense to you, that’s fine with me. I love setting resolutions. I do it at the beginning of the year and I also do it at random times throughout the year. My life experience has shown me that I’m happiest when I’m working hard to be happy. Not everyone is like that, I’m sure. Maybe that’s even unusual, I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure that’s how I tick. For example, I just this year discovered the pleasure of taking my laptop up to bed and watching a show or movie before I fall asleep. Let me tell you how I ruined that by overdoing it the latter half of 2013. So here’s my slightly more filled out version of resolutions, instead of just “read and write more.”

1. Finish my fourth book by my 40th birthday, June 28th. That will be a tough one because not much of it is written but a lot of it has been floating around in my head, so it’s doable.

2. Have a cup of cold water ready in the fridge and drink that in the morning before work instead of coffee.

3. Set the timer at my dining room table for half an hour and spend that time preparing/sending submissions. (I managed for a week doing a full hour but that was too long.)

4. Write after work (or after my submissions half an hour.)

5. Write again before bed at my grandpa’s desk (in my robe).

6. Read in bed before sleep instead of watching shows on my laptop.

7. Have meals prepared ahead on work days or something simple planned. (soup and a sandwich!)

8. Self-publish book of poker essays.

9. Self-publish trilogy of UL stories but only after collecting rejections slips from literary magazines.

10. Read my grandpa’s journal and the letters between him and my grandma and begin preparing book.

11. Start sequel kids’ book for next Christmas, (if there is interest).

12. Keep up with this blog, it’s been a lot of fun, so far. I appreciate people reading. I’ll definitely have a hundredth post coming up in 2014, which will be an achievement.

That should be good, for now. I’ll feel free to add or adjust as I go. We’ll see how I do. I’ll get off to a good start by being in bed, tonight, before nine.


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