Indiestructible Review

The nice thing about a collection like this is the variety of voices. These are twenty-nine essays by indie authors, some of whom are what have to be considered huge successes in the world of indie publishing, others who are as yet less successful (in terms of selling books) or just getting started. Some of the essays are dense with practical guidance, some are more motivational, but the connecting thread in these essays is the intrinsic satisfaction that comes from writing. Every writer craves communication with readers, but the joy of writing has to be the compelling force in a writer’s life. And that’s what I got most out of these essays, as a whole, is the community of writers following their writerly bliss. I’m proud to be among them. And I’m proud to be included in this collection.

If you have someone in your life who is a writer or who is thinking about starting to write, Indiestructible would make for an inspirational reference work. The book is available at amazon and other retailers for ninety-nine cents and all proceeds will go to Ebooks can be gifted to friends and family through amazon straight to their kindles or PCs.

My essay is called “Valuing the Connection.”

Here is a link:


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