Excerpt from Chapter 4, Flowers on Concrete

This portion picks up right where the back cover excerpt leaves off, so I’ll leave a link to the back cover, posted in a blog here, for if you would like to read that first: https://myfreesentences.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/book-back-cover-another-try-what-do-you-think/

When I left the bar, Angela wasn’t there because Angela wasn’t there. I turned and looked back. Music seeped, weak and boxed in like from a stereo with damaged speakers, and couldn’t pierce the serene sounds of the quiet night all around me. The sounds of grasshoppers thick in the grass and a cool wind that shook the trees made the whole bar seem small. It was just a slanting box, really. Even the roof of it was practically flat. The sign hung crooked.

I got into my car and locked the doors. I wasn’t worried about anything, but it always gives me a nice feeling to be in my car with the doors locked. I started the car and took it out of gear but left the emergency brake on. The windows were all fogged up, but I didn’t want to leave yet anyway. I put the defroster on but at a low setting. What I liked was that I could leave at any minute or I could stay where I was. It was up to me. Very slowly, the air was making clear ovals like a pair of lungs on the windshield, like the car was breathing.

I turned on the radio. Late at night, a lot of radio stations play only love songs. Except listening to them makes you gay just for liking girls. So you have to listen with the volume low and you can’t sing along or people will be able to tell by how slow your lips move what kind of song it is. Who cared? I was watching the door anyway if someone had come out. I found a good one that a girl was singing and I pretended Angela was singing to me. I leaned over and wrote on the passenger window, ANGELA. Underneath, I wrote, I LOVE ANGELA. I looked at her name against the back light from the cloudy moon, little beads of shining light dripped through. I wrote on the driver’s side in backwards writing, ALEGNA, then above, EVOL I.

The rest of this chapter is a part of the free sample at amazon. You can download a free app to read it on your computer, if you don’t have a kindle.  I’ll leave a link for if you’d like to check it out, thanks for reading: http://www.amazon.com/Flowers-on-Concrete-ebook/dp/B009R4RZ5I/ref=pd_ybh_2


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