Elementary Love

In fourth grade, my friend and I liked this cute third-grade girl. While she was on vacation for a week, we decided we were going to ask to be her boyfriend, or ask to “go out” with her. I can’t even say we argued all week about which of us she would pick. We were each so certain she would pick us that we bragged all week about how she would pick us. The next Monday we found her at recess. She was lining up with her class to go back inside, and my friend and I stood side by side and told her to choose. I don’t know about him, but I got hit with it as she looked from one of us to the other. This was really going to suck if she picked him. Her answer shocked us both: “Neither.”


2 thoughts on “Elementary Love

  1. Aww…the little stories that comprise life’s lessons. How many times have you revisited that day (In your mind, naturally. This isn’t time travel) and ‘tweaked’ it to change the outcome?

  2. well, now I am! I remember seeing her again what seemed like years later but was probably weeks later and thinking, ‘Oh, hey, there’s that girl.’ And not thinking much more of it, yet here I am writing about it thirty years later.

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