Flowers on Concrete: Reviewed

My fiftieth blog will be a wordy link to another blog. Jesse Minkert was one of my critique partners in Seattle. Flowers on Concrete is ridiculously better because of my meetings with Jesse and Andrea every other Monday, and then every Monday, for two or three years. One night I had something to do the next day and I announced that I’d like it if we kept that night’s meeting at around two hours. We ended up meeting for our usual four hours. Driving home, I just laughed, and I forget what I had to do the next day; it was nothing important.

Jesse bought my book and reviewed it at his blog. As when he critiqued it, he sees things I miss. My favorite line from his review is this: “Trey scrutinizes the world for signs of whether or not he is successfully imitating a normal person.” The entire review is here:

Jesse also posts excerpts from his book which I read and critiqued and enjoyed, now titled The Catusic Effect. He also posts non-fiction essays. His blog is The Rat-Tail Files, on blogspot.


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