Hi, A Definition

Ignore the Big Bang, the hundred billion stars in our galaxy and the hundred billion stars in each of a hundred billion galaxies beyond. Forget that our dark corner of the Milky Way is 25 trillion miles from another star. Do not contemplate that a million specks of Earth could fit in a star of average size.

Ignore the several billion years before life here caromed, as a means of survival, to an intelligence that included speech. Forget vervets’ alarm calls carrying through Africa millions of years before our grunting predecessors. Forget the several thousand generations of ancestors who bequeathed us communication. Hi is self-aware beings converging in the present. Hi means we are here, right now. Hi means our hearts beat, our lungs draw air. Hi means I love you for knowing you are going to die and nodding and smiling.

Lack of sincerity is Hi’s disguise.


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