Super Cool Dream I had last night

Me and a (generic) friend were going to a football game and we were on an elevator inside the stadium and the elevator operator asked us if we wanted to watch the game upside down. We both said, “Yeah.”

So he pushed a button and the elevator slowly turned upside down, which made us upside down (really we stayed upright and just the elevator flipped but in dream logic we felt upside down). We were let out in a cafe which was right side up, for us, but actually upside down. We sat in front of a window that looked out on a football game being played with everything upside down. In case that wasn’t cool looking enough, my dreaming brain also had the game being played backwards, so upside down and backwards, we were watching this football game.

Next to the field, there was also this inner tube water ride with massive white water rapids, so we were watching that at the same time, also backwards and upside down. One guy almost drowned but he got rescued, so we watched them perform CPR on the guy (backwards and upside down) and then they slipped him back into the water and we watched the reverse of him wiping out, upside down.

Dream was “flipping” awesome!


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