Last Minute Gift Idea, A Guaranteed Surprise!

If anyone has any adventurous reading loved ones they haven’t yet bought for, please think about Flowers on Concrete as a gift, this year.

If you enjoy watching your loved ones open up a present with a “Who the H is Greg Metcalf?” type of feeling Christmas morning, this would be the perfect–only–option to get just that reaction.

Avid readers seem to like to occasionally step outside their comfort zones and try an author they’ve never heard of. I have sixteen paperback copies available. I’d be glad to include a thank you note inscription to whoever you’re giving it to and I’ll drop it by in the next few days if we live reasonably close together.

A cheaper option would be to purchase the Ebook as a gift. I know amazon has a feature where you can send a kindle copy of a book to someone else’s kindle. You should see a “give as gift” button under the Ebook of Flowers on Concrete at amazon. All you need is the email address of who you’re sending it to. Not sure how they get it from their email to their kindle, but I’m sure it would include instructions. Probably nothing more than a couple of clicks.

The back cover blurb, chapter one, and a portion of chapter two are all posted here at my blog, if you’re interested in what the book is about. Amazon also has a free sample available, which includes the first five chapters. To get to that, either click to peek inside the cover or click to download the sample to your kindle or kindle app for PC (which is free to download).

Sorry for the commercial blog post, I’ll be back with something hopefully more entertaining soon. Thanks for thinking of my book.


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