Facebook Status Update

Great news! I got my house! The nice thing about purchasing a home is that they know what a fun and exciting thing the idea of purchasing a home is and they ensure that every step in the process of purchasing a home is just as fun and exciting. *rolls eyes* (sarcasm) The contract listed my name, AN UNMARRIED MAN, just like that in all caps. I don’t know why I took that as a judgment. I almost got married but I thought I was too young. I wanted to get married another time but she thought she was too young. I don’t spend time wishing I was married, but when you sign a contract dated to be completed thirty years into the future, you tend to think long term. I guess I would like someone to hold my hand and feel sad when I go. Someone to leave my home to, who would spend the rest of her years enjoying remembering me. Which is asking too much, but for a little while maybe. A year or two before I was left in a box in a spare room. I have trouble with relationships. Two people can spend their entire lives inching closer to the massive gap that will always remain between them. Sometimes even the people I care about most become these carbon constructions with wet film around the eyes and blood-filled lips working against each other and sounds come out that I have to make into words. Sorry. I don’t mean to be someone who says the things people are supposed to only think but never say, or maybe they’re things no one thinks but me. You don’t know unless you ask. ; )

Facebook Status Update is a work of fiction by Greg Metcalf, who coincidentally did just buy a house. If you enjoyed this, please consider sharing it with a friend. Also please have a look at the opening chapters of my novel, Flowers on Concrete, available as a free sample at amazon. Thank you for reading!


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