Transcripts from a mind in freefall

Here I go!


Oh, you know what I forgot?

To put Phil Collins on my Ipod.

No big deal. Too late.


Wow, this is awesome!

What a view…

this would be…

if my helmet wasn’t fogged up.


The annoying thing is I remembered to burn Phil Collins

onto my computer and I remembered to charge my Ipod;

I just didn’t hit sync.


What do I have? Nothing else sounds good.


Okay, the “fun” part is over. Now I’m just regular

skydiving except instead of being in shorts and a T-shirt

I’m in this spacesuit.


This has not gone well. What the hell do I do now?

I’m just going land and raise my hands in the air

as if I accomplished something. This is going to be

my little secret. Until someone else does the same thing.

Then we’ll tour the talk shows together and wink at each other

during the commercials.




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