Broken Glass

Sean said he didn’t believe in washing his car. He never cleaned the inside of it either. Burger wrappers and take out bags from Taco Time and Burger King covered the back seat. The floor on the passenger seat was stacked with them, too, so I always had to be knee deep in them and kicking cups and wondering what all was getting all over my shoes every time I moved my legs. The car was light blue, so the dirt showed up real good. It was streaked all over it. Greasy black like outside dust, real grime that would feel wet on your hand that you wouldn’t want to wipe on your jeans. When we got up to it, I saw the passenger window was busted and I slowed down cause I wanted Sean to see it first.

There was a huge hole surrounded by that light green mesh of broken car glass. That looks as soft as sand. It makes you wonder how glass could even be see-through. I could tell when Sean saw it cause he swore under his breath and started walking real fast up to the passenger side. I walked up behind him, but I didn’t say anything right away.

“You believe this shit?” He was looking inside with his head stuck up near the hole in the glass.

“What did they get off with?” I finally said.

“The radio.” He raised his head back up and started looking around. We were right there at the mall. We were parked in the very back of the lot and there was a busy road just past a short stretch of bushes. “In broad daylight. You know somebody saw it happen and didn’t do shit about it.”


“If I saw someone breaking into a car in the middle of the day, I’d do something about it. I’d pull in and lay into my horn or get out and ask them what the hell they thought they were doing. You know they’d just run off scared.”

I didn’t say anything. I was thinking of how the window would still be smashed, but I didn’t say anything. Sean stared at the traffic that was driving by just like everything was normal. I could tell he was getting mad at all the people that didn’t do anything while his car got broken into. Even though it was different people driving by then, I could tell he was getting himself mad.

Then he took out his pocket knife and went over to the car parked next to his and slashed the front tire. “You see?” He told me after he did it. “You have to slash it up near the hub. Otherwise they can just get it patched up.”

“Yeah. Hey, we better get out of here. I think I saw mall security as we were coming out.”

“You know what? If they tried to bust me for slashing one tire after they let my radio get stolen, I’d just laugh.”

Then we left. I had to sit in the back with all the burger wrappers. I couldn’t sit up front cause there was all that broken glass. It might look soft, but it will cut you. It’s glass after all.


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