Late, Lost, Forgotten

For a while my sister and I were doing prompts on note cards. This one was supposed to be about being late for an appointment, not being able to find where it was, or forgetting about it altogether. I decided to include all three in the same story,


I was right on time but not there yet and a good ten minutes away–just driving time–so I stopped for breakfast. McDonald’s has the best breakfast sandwiches. You’ve had one, you know. I about had a heartattack trying to decide if it would be worth getting the special even though I knew I wouldn’t eat the hashbrowns but I wanted the coffee. I got two sandwiches and just water, finally. Some A-hole had done half the crossword puzzle in the McDonald’s paper. My appointment! I ate my second sandwich on the way to my car and started driving. The place was supposed to be right where 76 crosses 43 but after I drove all by there about ten times with every jerk in the world honking at me because I had to slow down to look between the hundred fast food joints squeezed in the general area for a…a…what the hell was I looking for? Doctor? I felt fine. Dentist? My teeth didn’t hurt. Oh well, couldn’t have been that important.  


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