The title of this blog was originally going to be Free Sentences. but it would have been too awkward to precede the dot before wordpress with a period because both look like this. Free Sentences was taken, anyway, but My Free Sentences wasn’t. Titles are funny. They can come right away and feel perfect and they can come right away and just stick around so long you can’t change them. Free Sentences. started out as an idea that tickled me. I thought I’d sit in coffee shops with some sentences from my book printed out and tape a sign to the side of the table: Free Sentences. The joke being it’s not a sentence at all. It’s a sentence fragment! Get it? What’s sad is I still think that’s funny and I’ll still probably do it.

When I posted the news about my book getting published, someone asked the most reasonable question imaginable: What’s it called? I felt intensely self-conscious about answering. Flowers on Concrete has been the title of this book for almost thirteen years. I came up with it two years before I finished the first draft. I always loved it, but couldn’t imagine anyone else even liking it. I once wrote my title down along with the titles of four published books and asked a friend I worked with to rank them. She had no idea one of them was mine. I was aiming for the middle. She returned the piece of scrap paper. Next to Flowers on Concrete was a 1. My next question was to ask if she ranked them worst to best or best to worst.


4 thoughts on “Titles

  1. Jesse, are you still planning on starting a blog here? I haven’t done much to personalize it yet (obviously) but I’ve like other people’s sites through wordpress, so hopefully I can get it looking cool.

    Summer, I’ll try to connect up with your blog at blogspot. I think there’s a way to link them.

    • I found myself intimidated by the WordPress tutorials. They confused and annoyed me. My friend Charlie runs a web design company and has offered to help me set up at a reduced rate, but I still don’t have the cash to do it right away. It’s mostly designed on paper. I just need to pick graphics.

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